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Best of: Black Friday Weekend Sales

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11   Happy belated Thanksgiving, y’all! Sorry for the late post but if you’re like me, you ate way too much yesterday, slept in, and are just now getting ready to shop the night away (in your sweats with a plate of leftovers…obviously). The holidays are my favorite time of year to spend with loved ones, appreciate life a bit…

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Beauty Fashion


It’s the best day of the week….Fridayyyy! In celebration, I thought I’d start up a new series appropriately titled, you guessed it, #FridayFavorites (I know, the creativity is off the charts with this one). Basically, this series of posts will be comprised of things I’m currently loving at the moment across all categories. There are so many little things that I buy, have the opportunity to try out, and discover that may not warrant an entire blog post but I still…

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Waterfall Vest x Striped Tee

Let’s be totally honest about a few things, shall we? This post was supposed to go up a while ago… as in five weeks ago (where is the monkey covering it’s eyes emoji when you need it?!). We shot this look at the end of September (yep, that long ago) so the open-toed sandals really aren’t the most relevant choice in footwear given that we’re now well into November. I also know that I haven’t filled you in on what’s been going on since the…

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How to Style: Effortless Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

Admittedly, I’m all about quick and simple for 99% of things in life so hair care is no exception. As previously mentioned here, I’ve worn my hair au natural for years. I spray some of this leave-in conditioner after I shower and brush it… that’s the extent of my lazy minimal hair routine. Most days, I can get away with little maintenance but there are some days that you want a little extra somethin’ somethin’, you know? I love the look of quick, effortless beachy waves and if you do…

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Fashion Life


MIchele Watches, Deco Diamond, Michele Deco Watch

There are very few items that I can say I’ve worn nearly every day for the past five years and my Deco Diamond watch is one of them. I’m so excited to announce that I’ve partnered with one of my favorite brands, Michele Watches, to share My MICHELE Story. You can find the full feature here or keep reading to learn why the Michele watch company is so special to me. — Q: What is your MICHELE story? A: I first heard about MICHELE after it was brought…

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