Q&A with Professional Makeup Artist Sara Massaro

Hi Friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday! I’ve been in the same pajamas bed since New Years Day with a terrible cold but am starting to feel a little more human today (as in being able to slightly breathe out of one nostril for a split second on multiple occasions.) Isn’t it funny how we take breathing out of our nose for granted, until we get a stuffy one? I’ve had six solid days (and counting) to reminisce about all of the times I had good air flow and let me tell ya, those are some fond and seemingly distant memories.

Due to the active ingredient in nasal decongestants triggering some heart issues, I have to get through this little 2016 welcome party sans medicine (insert persevering face emoji.) The fatigue has been tough so the only things I’ve accomplished this past week are: finishing Making A Murderer (don’t even get me started), watching all ten episodes of Narcos in one day, and single-handedly raising the Kleenex stock value. Not exactly my idea of New Years Resolutions but I guess they’ll have to do for now!

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing professional make up artist Sara Massaro and picked her brain about all things beauty. (How flawless is she?!)


A little about Sara: Sara has been doing both hair and makeup for over 12 years although makeup is her first love and true calling! She specializes in bridal and fashion and currently works at Lehcar Láuren Salon in New York. Sara will be launching her beauty blog and YouTube channel within the next few months, focusing on bringing a realistic approach to beauty for the everyday woman (so excited!) Until then, you can find her on Insta @sarakrismua.

How did you get into makeup?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a girly girl and had a love for art. So I basically combined them both. I could paint faces all day! 
If you could give one piece of beauty advice to your clients, what would it be?
Makeup will only be as good as your canvas. Investing in proper skincare will improve the way your makeup lasts and stays. Our bodies are always changing, along with our skin. Consulting with an esthetician is the best way to find out what should work for you as an individual. You wouldn’t buy an evening gown to only throw it in the washing machine to clean it, right? Your face is priceless, take good care of it!
Can you share any insider tips and tricks?
– always use a base to hold your eyeshadow! I personally prefer “painterly” by MAC Cosmetics.
– a primer over your moisturizer will help anchor your foundation to your skin.
– before applying red or dark lipstick, prep the lips by first applying a thin layer of  your concealer and powder to help avoid bleeding.
– clear mascara is perfect to keep any unruly brow hairs in place (loving this one!)
In your opinion, what is the best drugstore beauty brand?
This was a tough one believe it or not! Drug store makeup has come such a long way. I would definitely say Maybelline though. I love their dark circle eraser concealer and the blackest black gel liner
How do you remove of your makeup at night?
I either use the MAC or Neutrogena Calming Wipes. I highly suggest makeup wipes as step 1 for everyone. This allows your cleanser to really do its job. I follow up with a toner (like this one) to help grab any stubborn makeup residue!
What’s your favorite product that everyone should try?
The Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder is simply amazing. I use it to set my concealer under my eyes and highlight my jaw. It’s perfect for carving out and balancing contour.
There are so many face products now a days; tinted moisturizer, BB Creams, CC Creams, Foundations, etc…what’s the difference?
– tinted moisturizer is extremely light coverage. Perfect for a quick application for someone on the go!
– BB Cream (AKA Beauty Balm) will help offer coverage and improve skin quality over time.
– CC Cream (AKA Corrective Cream) will offer coverage and balance out skin pigmentation issues. 
– Foundation will come in a variety of coverage and finishes, from lightweight to full coverage, from matte to dewy. I personally love a full coverage, matte finish for myself (my favorite is MAC Studio Fix Fluid.) I apply it lightly and blend it out with my Beauty Blender sponge.
Anything else you’d like us to know?
Makeup is an art form. Art is constantly evolving and interpreted differently across the world. There is no right or wrong. Don’t let makeup be a stressful part of your daily regimen. Find what works for you and don’t give up! With winter approaching, remember you are like a snowflake. There is no one else like you. You stand out as an individual beauty. A complete original.  Love you guys! XOXO – Sara

A huge thank you to the beautiful Sara for sharing her tips and tricks! Be sure to check her out on Insta @sarakrismua for launch details of her upcoming YouTube channel. Thank you so much for reading!


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    Air flow struggles, I get you and I am so sorry for your pain. This was a great interview and had so many great tips!

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    really great tips and great post!
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    January 7, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Love this!! I’m glad to hear that I actually use some of the products that Sara recommends! Also, feel better! I was sick during Christmas and New Years as well…it’s no fun having to sleep sitting up!

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      Thank you Kristen! Loved your makeup tutorial today by the way! I hope that you’re feeling better and that your new year is off to a great start! Xx

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    Great post and tips! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
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    michele–great post! i’m glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. i agree with sara on a lot of things like investing in skincare and maybelline as the best drugstore brand!! thanks for sharing! xoxo,

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      Thank you so much for reading, Janna! Skincare is SO important and I’m sad that I only realized that now that I’m approaching 30! I hope you have a lovely weekend my friend! Xx

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